Blown in Insulation

If you want to save up to 40 percent on your heating and AC bills, blown in insulation offers a fast and easy fix. And when you choose an insulation company that knows Oklahoma’s climate and is skilled in the latest techniques, you will get a result that quickly pays for itself – and lasts for years.

We have been making homes and businesses more energy efficient for more than 20 years and are BBB accredited. Call now for a free consultation and we will show you how blown in insulation can reduce your utility bills all year long. We are licensed and insured with a reputation for quality work and a helpful attitude.

Why Insulate?

Heat naturally gravitates from its starting point into cooler places. Known as heat transfer, it is the reason your AC keeps running in the summer and your furnace works hard in the winter. Blown in insulation keeps the conditioned air where it belongs – in your home or facility – far longer. When you discuss R-Value, you’re talking about how long it takes for heat to move. Obviously, you want it to take the longest time possible. And that means sealing cracks and gaps you often can’t see with your eyes.

How is Blown in Insulation Applied?

First, lengths of glass fiber or cellulose mats are fed into a shredding machine on our truck outside your home or office. Then, pressurized air is used to propel these loose fibers through a long tube aimed at specific areas. The matrix of fibers traps the “dead” air in pockets. Heat will take much longer to transfer.

While the process of installing blown in fiberglass insulation might look easy, it has to be applied evenly and thickly enough in the right areas to work properly. As a professional insulation company, we know exactly where to concentrate the stream of fibers and how much air pressure to use for perfect results.

It is also important to know that properly installed loose-fill will not become airborne. You won’t see particles floating around in the living or working space. The type we use does not contain harmful chemicals. You can feel good about saving money and keeping your indoor air healthy.

More Comfortable Air

In a few short hours, your property can be protected in a way that you can’t feel, smell or see from the general living area. But you will start to notice you are saving money and gaining comfort right away. You’ll notice you don’t need to keep adjusting the thermostat. Your air will be drier and smell better.

If you run a business, you will invest in your occupants’ health, resulting in fewer sick days, as well as better protecting your inventory from temperature variations.

If you are a homeowner, blown in insulation will boot your daily comfort and help you manage your utility budget – with no effort on your part whatsoever. It’s that easy.

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We install blown in insulation in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Ardmore, OK and the surrounding communities.

Where to Apply Blown in Insulation

Insulating walls, ceilings and floors – including corners and joints – keeps warm and cool air from mixing.

Attics – Loose-fill fibers are very effective and easy to apply on attic floors. A thick layer is streamed in and laid on top of your unfinished flooring. It can also be placed right on top of old insulation, in most cases. This saves you the added cost of removal. If the original material is moldy, degraded or infested by rodent droppings, however, it should come out.

Walls – A special type of blown in insulation can be fed into walls. We drill small holes in strategic areas of outer or inside walls, and the fibers are carefully streamed in from a hose. This can be a great way to build upon old thermal protection that has aged and settled over the years. Sagging leaves invisible gaps that will only show up in one place – on your power bill. We can correct it quickly and correctly.

The new generation of insulating fibers is highly resistant to settling, and it is the only type we use. The application stays firmly in place for decades. It works whether your property is newer or historic, a home or a business.