Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing affords you weather protection and a long-lasting leak barrier for a price you can afford. But it must be applied just right to achieve the maximum benefits. As a foam roofing and coating contractor for more than 20 years, we do the job right the first time and help you enjoy the benefits right away.

Do you want to save on your utility costs every year? Prevent leaks into your building? Protect your commercial roofing? Then consider spray foam roofing. In a few short hours, we can coat your existing surface with protection that lasts for well over a decade. How long will yours last? Call now for a free estimate.

Avoid Costly Tear-Offs

You might be surprised to learn that your existing rooftop has years of life left. There is no reason to re-roof if yours is in relatively good shape. We will look it over for free, give you a written estimate, and explain how commercial spray foam roofing can benefit you. It works on virtually any type of covering, multi- and single-ply, metal, concrete, and others.

First, we carefully prepare and prime the substrate. This usually entails a simple cleaning and removal of any rust or gravel. Then we spray the cold liquid. On contact, it will expand to many times its size, filling cracks, nooks, and hard-to-reach places. You will not worry about water penetrating seams because there will not be any. Polyurethane foam roofing dries almost instantly, and can be walked on for maintenance within a few hours. Almost no downtime.

What Makes Spray Foam Roofing Unique?

The formula itself! We use durable polyurethane mixtures and propellants that are stored in separate tanks. They mix as soon as they land on the target surface, forming an outermost surface that is rigid. It stands up to high wind, rain and hail impact. Embedded within the urethane mix are millions of micro-chambers filled with an inert gas. These suspended cells are completely closed to the outside surface, creating a durable surface insulation with many benefits:

Leak-resistant – Water beads off the surface, preventing the ponding effect. We can also create a gentle slope to improve drainage on a flat roof.

Easily repaired – The surface resists abrasions and impact. Forceful punctures from, say, a wind-propelled tree branch, will be localized. These are easily and permanently sealed with a special bonding agent.

Keep Your Cool

As an added bonus, spray foam roofing acts as an exterior layer that resists the transfer of heat. It helps your building stay cooler in the summer and warm in the winter. Foaming polyurethane offers two to three times the insulating power of fiberglass in a much more compact area. This saves you money, too.

Prevent the sun’s rays from damaging your substrate and heating up your building in the summer with spray foam roofing. Not only does the cellular matrix prevent air transfer, its white color acts as a cool roof. This cools the surface by as many as 100 degrees Fahrenheit and reflects up to 85 percent of solar energy. Your AC won’t strain so hard, providing you with savings on utility expenses and maintenance costs. Let us help you keep more money in your pocket.

A Roof Replacement Alternative

The cost of reroofing can be prohibitive. The process is loud, messy, and disruptive to the work flow. A spray foam roofing application simply re-covers your existing surface. No need for expensive tear-offs, disposal fees, or excessive landfill waste. A metal roof will be preserved for years longer without rust. Built-up and multi-ply surfaces will get immediate help in retaining their water-resistant value, without hunting for hard-to-find leaks.

Added Benefits:

Cracked concrete will not get wet.

You won’t worry about weak edges of single-ply rolls.

Extra Protection

We can also apply a topcoat of elastomeric roof coating for even greater protection. Your flat rooftop will last for years longer and gain even more sun and moisture protection. The combination of foam and rubberized sealant can extend the life of your covering for 20 years or more in a single application.

Fast and Easy

Application takes a few short hours. It will not harm your existing building structure, and is a much quieter process than a tear-off. And if you have a critical work area that is sensitive to vibrations, you will not have to worry about long-term damage.

When you choose us to refurbish your rooftop, you will work with a commercial roofing specialist who has two decades of experience right here in Oklahoma. All of our work comes with a written guarantee for your assurance.

We can apply spray foam roofing in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Ardmore, OK, and the surrounding area.