Flat Roof Coatings

If you’re tired of patching leaks and watching your covering wear out, flat roof coatings are exactly what you need. They are cost effective, stop leaks and help cool your building. In many cases, they are the perfect alternative to expensive tear-offs and replacements. We have a wide variety of proven formulas. One of them will be an excellent solution. Call now.

Flat surfaces have special needs and unique issues: ponding, movement, and a proneness to leaks that is hard to detect. Because of their design and the area’s harsh weather conditions, they tend to wear out fast.

Rather than break your budget with a replacement, you can add years of proven strength with flat roof coatings. They stop leaks, prevent thermal shock effects and keep your interior cool in the summer.

Proven Formulas, Proven Skill

We make it easy to choose the right type for you. We will select the right formula for your substrate, and apply it with an experienced hand and guaranteed precision. Our solutions work on BUR, mod bit, concrete, polyurethane foam roofing, metal – all flat surfaces. We prepare and prime them carefully, then apply fast-drying liquid protection. It’s that simple!

Our company has been in business for more than 20 years, offering a variety of first-quality elastomeric roof coating solutions for commercial structures. We are licensed and insured, with many references. And we stand ready to help you get more life out of your commercial roofing.

How They Work

When buildings move due to temperature variations, quality flat roof coatings will expand and contract reliably every day. They will not crack under tension. Our roof coating solutions are designed to give you a decade or more of reliable stretch protection.

Rainwater and snowmelt cannot penetrate this barrier.
The coating is liquid-applied, so it is seamless from one end to another, even over protrusions. There are no edges, vulnerable spots or fasteners that can serve as pathways for moisture. Ponding will not cause problems in this monolithic surface.

Cool Roof Solutions

One of the best features of our flat roof coatings is that they are available in white and light colors. The lighter the surface the more solar energy it reflects. That means 85 to 90 percent of the sun’s energy will not penetrate through the top of your building. This saves you on cooling costs and keeps your workers or guests more comfortable.

Your AC will also not have to work so hard. Cool flat roof coatings can potentially save you 30 to 40 percent on your cooling costs, in addition to HVAC replacement and repair costs.

Commercial Roof Fix

If you’re tired of patching your commercial roofing over and over, we offer an affordable solution. If you plan to replace your surface eventually but it’s not in the budget now, commercial flat roof coatings will buy you plenty of time. We are so sure our family of products will work that we back our labor with a written guarantee.

Should a natural emergency like a tornado ever cause a puncture, the damage will be localized. It will be quickly and easily fixed with a special bonding solution that is just as strong as the original application – in fact, it becomes an inextricable part of it.

And if your coating starts to show wear after a decade or so, it is very easy to reapply with a sprayer. You will still save more than half the cost of a tear-off and new surface!

Added Protection

If your rooftop demands an even stronger weather barrier, ask us about our polyurethane foam roofing. Its tiny closed-cell formula keeps water off the substrate and provides the added bonus of insulation. In fact, just one inch has an R-value of 7. Our rubberized flat roof coatings can go right on top.

Face it: Re-roofing is expensive, messy and disruptive to your workday. It is also wasteful. In fact, ten percent of all materials in America’s landfills are construction debris. Unless your surface has severe, widespread rot and structural damage, it can be salvaged with a rubberized liquid coating. You are going to like our fast, easy and lasting solutions.

We offer commercial flat roof coatings in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Ardmore, OK and all surrounding communities.