Roof Coating

If you want strong topside protection, learn about our commercial roof coating solutions. They go over the surface you have now and provide a barrier against leaks, cracks, and UV damage – all for less than half the cost of a tear-off and replacement. Call now for a free estimate.

With Roof Coatings You Will See:

Added Benefits

  • It is affordable. You will save a lot of money at a time when every cent counts. Why spend more than you have to for strong, leak-free commercial roofing?
  • It goes on fast. After carefully preparing your existing surface, the application process takes just a few hours with no mess and no downtime for you. Our cleanup is careful and complete.
  • It is renewable. Every roof wears out at some point. Business owners love the fact that our topcoats can be applied over and over, at half the cost of tear-off and replacement.
  • It pays for itself. Within 2 to 7 years, the energy savings you see with a white roof coating generally outweigh the initial investment.
  • Use it for renewal, protection, or as part of your maintenance routine. We know you will like what you see. Call now and schedule your free, no-obligation cost estimate.
  • We can apply a professional commercial roof coating in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Ardmore, OK, and all nearby areas.

Rubber Roof Coating

It’s amazing that the thin layer sprayed on your commercial flat roof can offer so much strength, but it’s true. The secret is in the rubberized formulation. It stretches to many times its size and then snaps back into place. This is critical to counter the effect of normal building movement.

In hot sun, when materials expand, an elastomeric roof coating stretches without weakening or tearing. When things cool off in the evening, the topcoat contracts along with the substrate as a single system.

No Seams

The surface is seamless and applied without fasteners, so there are no breaks or edges – equally important to stopping leaks. Water takes the path of least resistance, finding the weakest area and creating its own pathway. This will not happen when you use the latest elastomeric technology.

Cool Roof Coating

White or light roof coatings will have a dramatic impact on your summer cooling bills. They will also help you do your part to ease strain on the power grid – without any effort at all! Our white surfaces reflect 85 to 90 percent of the sun’s energy. Only a minimal amount of heat will penetrate to the area below. Your HVAC unit won’t have to work as hard, and your occupants will feel more comfortable.

What about in the winter? Major studies show that a white surface has a negligible impact on your heating bills, especially when you add proper insulation. We have a solution for that, too, with our polyurethane foam roofing system.

All Substrates Protected

No matter what type of covering you own, we have a professional roof coating to protect it. Any kind of single- or multi-layer surface, concrete, polyurethane foam roofing, or corrugated steel can begin enjoying seamless protection right now. Metal – Have your panels begun to rust or experience loosening of fasteners? We can repair it, sand and prime it, and then add a metal roof coating that will stop rusting. Our process boosts the useful life of this renewable covering for decades. Single-ply surfaces – EPDM, TPO and PVC will be safeguarded from seam separation. There are never compatibility issues to worry about with our vinyl roof coating.

If your covering looks rough around the edges, a clean white or light re-surfacing will restore it in a few short hours. Compare that to days or weeks with a tear-off and replacement. No mess. No wasted materials. No disruption to your operations. The results of flat roof coatings last a decade or more with minimal maintenance. Keeping it clean with mild detergent and water are all you need to enjoy full benefits. If flying debris ever causes a puncture, it can be repaired in minutes with a special formula that becomes part of the original application.