Elastomeric Roof Coating

Get extra life out of commercial roofing with an elastomeric roof coating. Immediately save on utility bills while protecting your surface against leaks. For this level of protection, you need a contractor with years of experience and a strong knowledge of commercial surfaces. Call us now.

Our flat roof coatings free you from worry about leaks in your low-sloped covering. And there’s no need to stress about tearing off an old rooftop and starting anew. In most cases, you save up to half of the cost of new commercial roofing when you choose elastomeric flat roof coatings. Let us give you a free, no obligation cost estimate.

As its name implies, an elastomeric roof coating creates an elastic membrane over your existing surface. This makes it highly resistant to all kinds of weather, from winds to heavy rains, from hail to snow. It resists punctures from windborne debris and reflects up to 89 percent of ultraviolet rays.

Advantages of Elastic Membranes

The stretchable quality allows it to expand up to more than twice its size and then quickly return to its original shape. This gives you superior leak protection on commercial and residential surfaces. Heavier, more rigid materials can buckle and crack when the building expands and contracts – a sure invitation to leakage. An elastomeric roof coating, however, moves right along with the structure below without breaking or cracking. It can expand on a hot summer day and then contract when nightfall or a good rain shower comes along – over and over. No thermal shock. No worries.

Good for Nearly Any Surface

An elastomeric roof coating is applied as a liquid acrylic by sprayer or squeegee over almost any type of covering. It dries quickly to a protective top layer over built-up and modified bitumen surfaces, cement, metal, and single-ply membranes. Because it is applied in liquid form, it creates a continuous surface that has no seams or fasteners. That way, it won’t catch debris or water. With common sense maintenance like regular hose-cleanings, you will see energy savings and weather protection for years.

No Need to Tear Off

If your original installation is in reasonable condition, it will not need to be removed first. It can simply be prepared and coated. When you hire us to apply an elastomeric roof coating, you will save on tear off costs, which make up a significant part of a complete reroofing project. Protect what you’ve got and extend its life by a decade or more. Our solution is quick, easy and long-lasting. It will eliminate the expenses that come with constant leak repair and will cost you half of what a new installation would be.

Save on Energy Costs

Elastomeric roof coating comes in bright white for a reason: It reflects close to 90 percent of the sun’s energy in its first three years – about 85 percent after that, according to Department of Energy studies. Keeping it clean will go a long way toward maximum savings.

Benefits Include:

  • Excess heat will not pass through to your building’s interior.
  • Your air conditioner will work less hard in the summer, saving you on electric bills and unit repairs.
  • Solar rays will not take a toll on the roofing substrate.
  • White roof coatings are Energy Star and LEED certified.

A Long-Lasting Solution

The commercial roof coatings we use will not be picked up by strong wind gusts. They become part of the existing surface. Many types resist hail impact, abrasions and dirt build-up. They will add protection without adding weight. If you are a facility manger or owner whose rooftop is starting to show its age, call now. If your surface is in good condition xbut you’re concerned about leaks, get a free cost estimate. We guarantee our coatings will be less than the cost of a full replacement. You will get the satisfaction of both a manufacturer’s warranty and our own labor guarantee.

From acrylic topcoats to spray foam roofing, you have found a highly experienced, licensed roofing contractor. We have saved thousands of facilities, from the smallest office to the largest warehouse, from the ravages of time. Let us offer a solution that is right for your needs and budget. Discover why more and more businesses are calling us for an elastomeric roof coating in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Ardmore, OK and the surrounding areas.