Commercial Roofing

If you are not ready to replace your roof, we offer you lasting, cost-effective commercial roofing solutions. Foam, acrylic, and silicone layers offer seamless protection from sun and bad weather. You will save money on repairs, replacement, and electricity. Interested? Call now for a free estimate. A weather-beaten roof can be revitalized and protected with the right commercial roofing products. The ones we use are specially formulated to provide years of additional life to flat or low-sloped surfaces.

As a commercial roofing service with over two decades in business, K & M has the answers to your most pressing questions about topside protection. And we offer products from top-quality manufacturers. We apply them according to warranty specifications and add our own labor guarantee. You will have peace of mind knowing that your contents and occupants are safe.

With commercial roofing topcoats you will:

Save Time

You can safely put off expensive reroofing for years – even decades.

Save Money

You will save 50 percent or more on the cost of new materials, and you will not pay any disposal fees.

Stay Productive

If you have a mission critical area under a weakened rooftop, it makes more sense to leave it in place and add the resilient barriers in which we specialize. They are guaranteed to work!

A Roof Replacement Alternative

Should you replace your covering? In extreme cases, such as when water damage exceeds 25 percent of the total surface, it makes sense to tear off and do a replacement. But we find that in the majority of cases, protective flat roof coatings will do the job very well. Count on us for an honest assessment.

Spray Roof Coatings

We offer a choice of membranes that will prevent leaks and reflect harmful UV rays. Polyurethane spray foam combines two chemicals on the spot that create a thick, rigid barrier. It goes on as a liquid, but expands and dries on contact. Within this blanket are countless bubbles of gas that are designed to prevent heat transfer. The result: Your building stays cooler longer. It can be contoured to assist in drainage on flat surfaces. You will also quickly learn that any accidental damage is confined to the immediate area of impact. The coating will not tear or split. Repairs are seamless and simple.

Flat Roof Coatings

We also offer thin but resilient roof coating solutions. They prevent leaks by stretching with thermal expansion and returning to normal dimensions during contraction. This elastomeric “give” creates a long-lasting topcoat on just about any surface, adding a new level of weather protection to any type of commercial roofing.

Continuous Coverage

Both types of coatings offer long-wearing, monolithic coverage. There are no fasteners or seams to wear out. The formulas can penetrate into tight areas and over protrusions, scuppers, and parapets. There is no way water can get to the substrate. Your surface lasts longer without the expense of reroofing.

They can be used in combination, and we carry formulas designed to retrofit almost any surface: BUR and modified bitumen, concrete, metal, single-ply, and more.

Cool Roofing

Our clean, white commercial roofing protection will keep your facility comfortable all year long. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool things off, even in a scorching summer heat wave. That saves you on HVAC maintenance costs, extends useful life of the unit, and can save you more than a third on your cooling costs. With the right insulation, a white surface will have no negative effect on winter heating bills, either.

You will also help reduce the “heat island effect” common in urban areas. Clusters of dark rooftops absorb and then emit heat in the summer, warming the surrounding air by 3 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, according to research by Berkley Laboratories. This effect can raise pollution levels and strain the power grid with so many ACs working overtime. Be a smart energy user and a champion of the environment with cool commercial roofing. You can make a big difference with a modest investment.

For the most experienced foam and topcoat protection specialists, turn to us. We offer you free written estimates and a professional labor guarantee. Our solutions have worked for thousands of area businesses. We are sure they will work for you. We do commercial roofing in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Ardmore, OK, and all surrounding areas.