Waterproofing roof coatings stop leaks without the need to tear off your old covering and start over. The formulas we use will safeguard any type of flat roof from moisture, wind-driven rain, and melting snow for years and years. Save money, save time, and keep your home or business protected.

Why You Need Waterproofing

Low-sloped roofs tend to retain water in a process called ponding, and this wears away at the integrity of the surface. Rain and sun, environmental pollution and building movement all serve to weaken the materials over time. This gives standing water more of a chance to penetrate and damage your structure. And because of the lack of gravity, it is difficult to tell where leaks start. They take longer to identify, and then you have a bigger problem.

Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomers have a good deal of stretch to them, as the name suggests. When it’s hot out, your rooftop materials expand, and when it’s cooler, they shrink slightly. Our coating moves along with them. It won’t break, tear or crack. Water has no chance of getting inside.

Polyurethane Roof Coating

Chemicals held in two tanks are combined on contact and expand as they dry on the surface. As they do, they instantly form a waterproof layer on top. Underneath, millions of tiny gaseous cells serve two purposes:
They provide a thick, unbreakable layer of insulation right on top of the roof. One inch provides an R-Value of 7. That’s important to keep heat and moisture out of your interior.

They prevent leaks from forming and damaging your substrate. If the foam coating ever sustains a puncture from flying debris, the damage will stay localized and is easily repaired.

Continuous Surface Keeps Leaks Out

Both types of waterproofing barriers are applied as a liquid and dry solid. That means they do not have seams that can come apart or edges that can curl. They are applied right over protrusions like vents or pipes. One continuous surface means unbreakable protection.

Easy to Apply

Unlike a tear-off and reroof, waterproofing is easy and fast. There’s no big mess or excessive noise disrupting your day, and the costs are cut if half – or even lower. After cleaning and preparing the surface, we use airless sprayers to apply the material to the highest professional standards. In most cases, you won’t even know we are there.

Cool Roofing Benefits

Not only do our waterproofing roof solutions guard against moisture, they will also lower your electric bills – a benefit everyone wants. We use Energy Star-rated products in light and white to block out 85 to 90 percent of solar energy. The difference is noticed right away.

If your rooftop is in reasonably good shape, we can turn it into a strong barrier against leakage and moisture. We have been in business for over 20 years and offer both free estimates and a full labor warranty. Extend the life of your roof through waterproofing in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Ardmore, OK and all nearby areas.

Take Preventive Measures

If your flat roof is nearing the end of its warranty period, or you are concerned about preventing leaks, call K & M, a waterproofing service for more than two decades. We do not construct new surfaces; in fact, our goal is to prevent expensive removals and replacements, because often you don’t need them. You just need to prevent water damage in the first place.

Commercial roofing – Protect your investment with foam and elastomeric coatings. Immediately, you will save on utility costs and keep your interior more dry and comfortable. We will take your structurally sound surface, clean and prime it to specification, and then treat it with our special coatings.

Residential roofing – If you have an addition, porch, garage or other flat surface, you need to protect it from water damage. Leaks can destroy framing and drywall, lead to mold growth, and invite insect infestations. Stop it from happening with our topside residential waterproofing services.

We will select the right formulas for your type of roofing material: BUR, modified bitumen, rubber, vinyl, metal, concrete, asphalt roll and more. Whether your goal is simply keeping rain out or you need added insulation, we offer you a wide range of choices.